Meet Conductor Cody


Hello, I am Cody Clark, better known as Conductor Cody. I have been a train buff since birth, regularly watching Thomas the Tank Engine as a kid and to this day, trains are still a big hobby of mine. I became a magician after I got called up on stage during a magic show at the age of 11. Helping that magician empowered me so much that I’ve dedicated my life to empowering others with my magic routines

As a professional magician, I’ve developed an hour-long show called A Different Way of Thinking, in which I use my magic to share what being autistic is like for me, Cody Clark Magic, my 30 minute all ages/purposes magic show, and Conductor Cody, in which I've combined my passions for magic and railroading into one exciting show for children. Feel free to continue exploring this website for more information about Conductor Cody. To learn more about A Different Way of Thinking and Cody Clark Magic, you may visit

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Besides from playing with trains and performing magic, I am a recent graduate of the University of Louisville, with a B.S. in Marketing with a Theatre Arts minor. I am a big fan of classic country music and a patron of nearly any art form imaginable.