Educational Programs

Conductor Cody's magical railway adventures are a great fit for elementary educational environments! My shows are interactive, engaging, encourage curiosity, and since trains can stop at many destinations, lots of educational goals can be covered. Conductor Cody's educational shows include:

  • Conductor Cody's Magical Railway Adventure- Cody's railway history/science show in which Cody's routines are performed with common railway equipment (sharing with children how railroads operate), show the science of how steam engines operate, and place the audience in major events in railroading history (such as the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad). This show is the best fit for railway themed events, model train shows, railroad museums, history/science museums, libraries, and for cities with a significant local railroading history.
  • Conductor Cody's Summer Reading Adventure- Since Cody loves performing at libraries and the creative challenge of tying each year's show into the new summer reading program theme, Conductor Cody is willing to custom create routines to best fit within your library's educational goals! Conductor Cody will take your childrens library patrons on a journey through their favorite stories, sharing why they should read in the summer, all the amazing services libraries provide, and impart the life lessons that make children's books timeless.
  • Conductor Cody's Christmas Express- During each holiday season, Conductor Cody's Christmas Express! channels its inspiration from The Polar Express to take audiences on a rail journey to the North Pole. Children will get to watch the reindeer play their reindeer games, help make the silent jingle bell ring again by magic, and help Santa's elves repair broken decorations. Works well at a variety of children's holiday events, company holiday parties, and family holiday parties.

Prices for the Conductor Cody show in educational environments are on a case by case basis.And given sufficient notice, Cody is willing to custom create routines for your particular educational goals. For consultation, email Cody at [email protected] or call his business manager Taylor Martin at (317) 431-1320