Educational Programs

Birthday parties aren't the only place Conductor Cody performs at. The interactivity of my show along with its educational aspects about many different subjects make it a great fit for educational environments. Within my show, I teach children various aspects of railroad safety. They learn how to “stop, look, and listen”, why cars need to stop at railroad crossings, and they also learn the science behind how trains operate. I use my magic to teach them how a steam engine works, why coal is needed to fuel the engine, and how a train is able to pull it’s cars. And given that the historical impact railroads have had on America, children get to see a bit of living history by seeing my show. Conductor Cody loves to perform at:

  • Train Shows
  • Railroad Museums
  • History Museums
  • Science Museums
  • Schools & Daycares
  • Montessori Schools


Prices for the Conductor Cody show in educational environments are on a case by case basis. For a consultation, email Cody at or call him at (502) 523-7422